Steep Hills to Climb

It has been said that the reason for our 850 or more distinct languages in Papua New Guinea is due to the rugged and mountainous terrain. Everywhere you go things seem vertical  — like the house and family garden pictured above.  It's a struggle to move around in Papua New Guinea and contact people, but hopefully the same cannot be said about getting in touch with us!!

Best Contact is by eMail

Email Address

Sorry this is not a "clickable link".  That would be convenient, but that method is also the principal way that nasty "Spam" people get our email address (and yours too). At present my in bound Spam is almost zero now, so it is best you simply type this address in your email program by hand.

How About Regular Mail?

Use this address on notes, cards and letters.  Must send AIR MAIL.

Brian and Helen Chapaitis
SIL -- BOX 1 (188

At the US Post Office, tell them "Country Code- 232"

How About Telephone Service?

Our telephone goes directly to our house, but keep in mind if you are on the US East Coast then we are 14-15 hrs ahead of you on the clock!

When our telephone systems are working, then you can direct dial:   From the USA first dial 011 for an international call.  Our country code for PNG is 675675 7217-0330 or 675 537-3544.  Then finally there will be an "auto-prompt" for our extension: 4352

Watch out for steep phone rates when calling us, and a better choice is to use a pre-paid "calling card" dedicated to inexpensive phone calls to Australia or specificially PNG.  Then you can chat for great lengths of time to us! (that is, when the phone system is working)


Skype does work for the most part, although bad days have "drop-outs" at times.  It is best to email us first to make arrangements about timing.  We can be 14 hours to 15 hours ahead of the East Coast, USA.

Interested in Supporting our Ministry?

The prayers of the Saints are awesome and we welcome them on our behalf.  That is probably our biggest area of need.  But there is always the financial realm to consider as well.

1) If you are Internet inclined then start here:

Simply put our names "Brian and Helen Chapaitis" on the form.  There are options to use a credit card and there should be a way to get a tax deductible receipt back to you.

2)  Simply call by telephone toll free:  1-800-WYCLIFFE (1-800-992-5433) ext. 3809. Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.  They can walk you through opportunities and you would give the name as above.  If you give a return address to them, then a tax receipt should come your way.  It is also possible to give "anonymously" and yet receive a tax deductible receipt.

3)  Write (mail) to:
Wycliffe Bible Translators
PO Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200 USA

Bank checks can be made to "Wycliffe" with a note saying “for Brian & Helen Chapaitis, PNG Branch” and if they have a return address for you, then a tax deductible receipt should come back to you in the mails.

4)  Finally, another simple way is a personal check made out to us and mailed to our legal residence:  6613 McLean Ct., Mclean VA. 22101.  But this kind of gift would not receive a tax deductible receipt from us.

So there you have it.  All of this is not to confuse you, but rather to make life as easy as possible.  Pick one of these options — the one that meets your needs the best or is the easiest to do.  We receive financial statements once a month, but there are delays before we actually realize a gift has been placed into our account and by whom.

The generous man will be prosperous, And he who waters will himself be watered.  — Prov 11:25

Special Thanks

We always appreciate the ones who remember us in their sacrificial giving on our behalf.  We pray God's abundant blessings on you all as you consider helping Papua New Guinea among the veritable "sea" of opportunities around the world.